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[CS Documentary] Alex Wiley: “Jerseys & Loafers” feat Vic Mensa (prod by Chuck Inglish)

Jerseys & Loafers

artwork by St!zo

Today we present the latest Closed Sessions song and documentary, “Jerseys & Loafers”.  The record sees Alex Wiley team up with Vic Mensa of Kids These Days over production from Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids, who all came together on Superbowl Sunday to knock this out just prior to kickoff.  It’s a significant pairing for Chicago Hip Hop, as Chuck Inglish laid a lot of groundwork for newer acts during the early days of The Cool Kids.  I think it’s safe to say that Chuck, along with Sir Michael Rocks, opened a lot of doors in the digital space, doors that artists such as Alex Wiley and Vic Mensa are currently flying through.  Andrew Zeiter’s documentary details that pairing, and sheds some light on the recording methods of two of the city’s top up and comers.

Watch the documentary, and download the song below.



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