Kipp Stone

The city of East Cleveland,Ohio can be described in many ways such as, Historical (with its large brick homes and long streets), Suburb, Violent, Dangerous, but for 22 years it’s simply been “Home” to Kipp Stone. Born and raised in “E.C.” Kipp was introduced to inner city hardships early on in life, falling in with the wrong crowds and experimenting with drugs only made things worst and ultimately lead to him dropping out of High School. With the added amount of time on his hands Kipp started rapping and began producing music in 2008. Kipp’s lyrics tell powerful stories laced with humor and charisma matched with heavy bass lines that appeal to not only the layman’s ear but to true musicians and music lovers. Kipp Stone doesn’t go for a certain sound so much as he does a mood or character of which is portrayed within each song. He and his fellow A.R.T.C. “A Right To Create” brothers all channel there energy into one thing, creating memorable art. Kipp joined forces with L.I.F.E. Art & Content Company and has been building his brand with them every since. His art not only shows his ability to select,sample and produce great music but further showcases his lyrical ability. “I like to give the listener something to think about so when they hear my content it’s something to remember” says Kipp. Currently Kipp is releasing quality music with equally appealing visuals.