Although you’ve probably heard one of oddCouple’s pieces of production on your favorite artist’s mixtape, there’s a good chance you would pass by the skilled beatsmith on the street and not know it. The giant and genuine talent also known as Zach Henderson seems to strike a unique balance of humility and quality; letting his progressing, deep instrumentals do the talking for him. But beyond that, OC is able to foster an otherwise unmatched in-studio chemistry for his collaborations with his adaptability and attitude. Deriving sonic inspiration from a wide range of genres and styles, each layer of Odd Couple’s instrumentation serves the song’s unification as the next--pulling it in unexpected directions while still keeping the track harmonious. As the one man production machine continues to build with some of the city and nation’s top artists like Lucki Eck$, Alex Wiley, Chance The Rapper, Lil Durk, and more, he is also slated to progress with his own form of branding and releases. Keeping a balance between instrumental projects and frequent collaborations, oddCouple’s future is distinguished by his versatility and limited only by how many hours are in the day. In person Zach is approachable and quick-witted, something that resonates through his music sonically with its transformative melodies and knocking drum patterns. While he already has a full catalog of releases behind him, OC is in the process of forming down his widely-varying work into a unified, cohesive front through theme-focused projects and honed collaborative work. First up on his horizon is the release of his long-awaited official debut Chatterbox—a project that will organize all of Zach’s diverse genres and inspirations into a single soundscape. Stay tuned for more information on his progressions in the near future.