If This Is Your First Time Hearing This: Dj Rude One ONEderful Edition

How did you first meet Dj Rude One?

I was outside the Double Door, this was June 2008. I was waiting to interview Dilated Peoples for RubyHornet. They had a show there that night with Alchemist, and Rude One was doing the after party with Al later that night at Lava Lounge down the street (sadly, both of those venues are closed). I'd heard of Rude One and was a fan of his group SMP for a while, but never met him. He was talking to ALC, and I introduced myself. He had heard a little bit of rubyhornet at that time. He told me to come thru Lava later, I did, and that just kicked everything off. Side note - that same day we filmed a "Freestyle In The Park" with Alchemist. That's the one that got RH on all the other blogs and really launched the series.

Rude one had taken some time off from putting out music. How much of an honor was it to put out his latest project ONEderful?

It's an honor anytime an artist trusts us enough to release their music. With Rude, it was magnified because aside from all of that, Rude is a close friend of mine, a mentor, and so heavily respected in the DJ community. Rude has literally helped so many guys get gigs and put $ in their pockets. So it was an honor, but much more than that.

Is Rude one going to disappear again for a bit, or could we be expecting more music from him soon?

That is a question for Rude, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see more Rude One productions. Maybe not an "album", but more songs. I don't know. Now that he lives in NYC I can't bug him as easily to put out music like I used to.