5 KAMI Songs You Gotta Hear According to the CS Interns

KAMI is our guest tonight (8/18) at the Closed Sessions Cocktail Hour(s). 

Ahead of his appearance, the CS interns selected 5 KAMI songs which will provide a crash course to the emerging artist. 

Starting his career off as Kami De Chukwu during the meteoric rise of Save Money in the early 2010's, KAMI can be heard on iconic early crew cuts such as Steamer, She's The Type, & Home. His debut mixtape under the De Chukwu moniker was "Light", which was released in 2012 via Pigeons & Planes. After changing his name simply to KAMI, he joined forces with fellow crew member Joey Purp to create Leather Corduroys, a wildly energetic duo that trades bars at lightening quick speeds.

2017 has seen KAMI continue to evolve his sound.  In the spring, he unveiled his album, Just Like The Movies, which is an emphatic collection of modern production; heavy in synths, uptempo drums, and rap vocals that border on crooning in their singsong manner. 

Check out our favorite KAMI tracks below, and see him live tonight (August 18th) at H! Bar 2022 W. North Avenue. 8pm-11pm. Free. With DJ's RTC & Radd Simons.

Written By - Alexy, Ivana, & Shakola

1. "Everything Gone" Prod. faluyiHYPE

With a thumping but controlled 808 pacing the beat KAMI approaches the tempo with the same ferocity of a man gone rabid. He states his frustrations mixed in with a hint of angry braggadocio to create a track ripe for a good mosh pit.

2. "Foundation" Prod. Knox Fortune

Foundation is a reflective track in which KAMI raps about his life, the state of the world, and the importance of camaraderie. On the hook he shouts “We are the foundation, the groundwork, the new slaves, the new church.” The Knox Fortune produced track has a slightly different vibe from the rest of Just Like The Movies but it’s one in which I think he allows his lyricism to shine.

3. “Just Like The Movies” feat. Joey Purp, Towkio, Vic Mensa

“Just Like The Movies” is the title track from KAMI’s project of the same name. The song has a true Chicago sound featuring some of the city’s biggest heavy hitters, Vic Mensa, Towkio and Joey Purp. The song talks about how the group will turn up just like they see in the movies with fast cars, girls and alcohol.  The song is heavily influenced by Chicago, the city all four artists grew up in. Although they pay homage to the place that made them, Vic states, “Out the war zone it birthed us, better known as Chiraq, I survived that”.

4. "Droptop Vision" - Produced IKAZ & THEMpeople

“You wanna kill a killer, then aim for his achilles and shoot” KAMI, back when he was Kami de Chukwu, reflected on abstract concepts over a calming synth driven instrumental to create “Droptop Vision”. The atmosphere of the song is perfect for gazing out the window in the car, cultivating thoughts. Balancing a somber melody the youthful MC uses alliteration, wordplay and vocal bursts in his delivery to breathe life into the track.

5. "Right Now" Feat. Vic Mensa

Fellow Savemoney member Vic Mensa hops on “Right Now”, a veiled banger, that is actually a look at all the people that pass through ones life. The fake smiles, thinly veiled endgames and other shady practices can drive a person to paranoia.

“Just because there’s champagne don’t mean this shit is a celebration, pour some bubbly for my n----s that's been on vacation, we pour some bubbles for my n----s who gone never make it.” KAMI understands that nothing stays the same, but that doesn't mean he can't feel the effects of those chances.