3 Fan Art Images You've Gotta See

I've periodically come across drawings that people have made of the artists on our roster and I wanted to showcase these images to share with you guys. Read on to see what inspired these artists to create these works of art and be sure to check out their IG pages for more of their work.

Photo Mar 02, 1 18 12 PM.jpg

Jamila Woods - Jakeem Da Dream

This piece was inspired by my love and admiration for black women. Those melanin filled, sunkissed, mothers of creation. I feel Jamila Woods is a shining example of black girl magic, with her empowering music. Promoting self love in a world constantly telling black women they are not good enough, she is role model and a true blessing to us all.

IG: @jakeemdadream

Photo Mar 02, 1 18 02 PM.jpg

Kweku Collins - Grace

The first time I heard Kweku Collins was at a party. Lonely lullabies caught my attention immediately and I started listening to him. The cool thing about it is that Kweku has a different sound than other artists today. It's a sound that makes me feel good and made me feel overall happy. That mood had been with me the day started painting the picture. And I just did whatever I wanted from there. I was very drawn in by his tie dye sweatshirt in that picture which I went off of. Kweku is definitely an inspiration to me in general.

IG: @grace_musto.art

Photo Mar 02, 1 17 53 PM.jpg

WebsterX & IshDARR - Jacob

What motivated me to draw this portrait of Webster X and IshDARR was to pay homage to two of the best artists of my city. Webster X’s music always puts my in a very calm and creative mood and I love the instrumentation he uses to produce his music. When I met him at the summer solstice music festival he seemed like a very down to earth person who cared about his supporters and I wish for him to go far with his music and put Milwaukee on the map.

IG: @5tryng

Alexander Fruchter