Jack larsen

At 21 years old, Chicago’s Jack Larsen brings a loss of innocence to the table—creating a nostalgic sound through his alternative pop music. With a melodic songwriting ability, Larsen is able to capture wistful stories in his coming-of-age work.

Growing up an hour away from Chicago, Larsen first began making his name on the scene by releasing songs that he made in his bedroom during high school. As an introverted music junkie, Larsen has used the Internet to collaborate with other self-proclaimed bedroom artists across the country including Brockhampton’s own Kevin Abstract.

However, don’t let that sway you into thinking that Larsen isn’t focusing on what he can offer to the Chicago music scene. By establishing relationships with creative artists throughout the city over the course of the past few years, Larsen is finally ready to release his debut EP, Push-Ups, this May.


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